An Open Letter To Umar Khalid

Dear Umar Khalid,

There are several issues that need to be clarified by you, if you care to do so. First of all, I’d like to ask why you used the title of a beautiful poem by Agha Shahid Ali for such a controversial event? Who gave you the right to link that poem which speaks of the universal sufferings of ALL Kashmiris with the dubious Cause of ‘Azadi’? Take a look at the 2nd stanza of ‘The Country Without a Post Office’:

“Empty? Because so many fled, ran away

and became refugees there, in the plains

where they must now will a final dewfall

to turn the mountains to glass,”

Do you understand the reference to the Kashmiri Pandits who do not seem to exist for you!The poet was more inclusive than you seem to be, he had friends from both Communities of Kashmiri society and obviously the poem bemoans the loss of the secular Kashmir he knew!

Comrade Khalid or should I call you Jenaab Umar Khalid, please do clarify which ‘ideology’ you follow. You cannot work actively with a leftist-Students Union and then suddenly claim to be a ‘persecuted Muslim’! This is certainly a personal battle you are fighting and to involve the whole of JNU in this ugly incident is a clever but unfair ploy! You were the main Organiser of the anti-India event and you must explain what happened and why you allowed it to happen. To bring in the RSS and sundry other unrelated factors is childish! You do know that it is INDIANS whom you are answerable to, not any political Party!!

As for your reference to a ‘media trial’, you have named only one Channel, why did you conveniently forget to add that other journalists are actually acting as your lawyers in their eagerness to defend your actions! You object to the ‘Bhaisahab’, what about the ‘Behenji’ who jumps to your defense!

Your deliberate reference to Kandhamal and the Christian nuns was a politically clever move but irrelevant to your case. Since you feel so deeply for a section of the people of Kashmir, it would be relevant to remind you of the horrific massacre at Wandhama where dozens of innocent Kashmiri Pandit men, women and children, including toddlers, were murdered in cold blood!

You allowed your friends/supporters to shout abusive slogans against Bharat in the JNU Campus on Feb 9, yet you remain unapologetic with the rather derogatory reference to ‘your Bharat Mata’ in your latest ‘speech’!

If in the ‘last seven years’ you did not think of yourself as a Muslim, why now? And for heaven’s sake, don’t bring in ‘other oppressed classes’ in your impassioned defense of yourself as a ‘Victim’! I’d also advise you to watch your words, Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru were executed after due process of law and to term their conviction as ‘judicial killings’ or Rohith Vemula’s suicide as a ‘murder’ is carrying your personal opinion a bit too far!

Kindly stop tarnishing the image of a premier Indian University by using it to attain your own narrow ends! Whether you seek ‘azadi’ for Kashmir or ‘freedom’ to abuse the nation, please take responsibility for the shameful events of Feb 9 and also your hate-filled FB posts where you defiantly voiced your true intentions before quietly deleting the said account?

Stop pretending to be what you are not, your name is Umar Khalid and you have actively propagated a Separatist agenda, threatened Bharat with ‘barbadi’, then gone underground like a ‘wanted criminal’ and attempted to emerge as a ┬ádefiant and unapologetic ‘Victim’ which you most certainly are not!